This is the time for Back to Basics

Basics that have formed the essence of our culture basics that provided the impetus to our independence Movement, basics that have built a modern, self-reliant and self-confident India over the past half century. A time to reestablish the core values that have made India unique. A time to rejoice in our diversities and reiterate our unities. A time to reestablish the rule of law and repair our secular fabric. A time to revive economic growth. A time to reinforce social justice and equity. A time to reinvigorate agriculture. A time to respond to the aspirations of our youth and women. A time to reinject clarity and consistency in governance. A time to rekindle the flame of all-inclusive, composite, pluralistic nationalism. A time to reject the forces of bigotry and divisiveness. A time to reinvent the politics as an instrument of social change based on conscience, competence, compassion and commitment.